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Captain America: Civil War Review

Sorry its so late but here's my review of Captain America: Civil War. After an accident during a battle with mercenaries leads to casualties, Captain America and the Avengers must deal with both the Sokovia Accords, a government bill designed to regulate superhuman actions, and the reemergence of The Winter Soldier, who may or may not be responsible for an attack on the United Nations.

What else can I say about this movie other than it is complete jam packed! At least four or five subplots are going on at the same time and yet most if not all of them end up working out really really great. The characters all have deep personal moments and their stories all tie together nicely, whether they're main or secondary. As a result, two big plot moments that I could see coming, still really hit hard emotionally and had big impact on the plot.

Even the introduction of new characters, The Black Panther and the new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland, who I was worried would be needlessly forc…

The Jungle Book (2016) Review

Sorry it took me so long but I finally got to see the live action Jungle Book movie that came out (technically this is my second time seeing it because I arrived late at the first showing and thought I had missed some of the opening. Turns out, I just missed the opening titles). I apologize in advance that this is such a long post and if I accidentally reveal too much, let me know and I'll take it out).
A live action remake of the 1967 animated Disney film, this version is directed by Jon Favreau and stars newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli amidst a large array of CGI animals voiced by an all star cast and feels like a mix between the animated version and a slightly darker old fashioned adventure, like the original Jungle Book stories.

Despite being entirely filmed on a sound stage in downtown Los Angeles, I kept forgetting that fact both times I watched the film. The CGI work is absolutely fantastic, expertly designed and painstakingly detailed. Not to mention richly atmospheric and bri…