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My Thoughts on the upcoming Lion King remake.

(This is my first blog piece about my thoughts of an upcoming film. I'll try to do this more in the future as well as classic movie reviews as well).

I usually try to be open minded about remakes, adaptations, and sequels, I really do. I really enjoyed the Disney Cinderella and Jungle Book live action remakes for instance.

I also always look forward to a film by Jon Favreau because he's made a lot of fun movies like Iron Man, Elf, and the recent Jungle Book remake. Even his less well received work like Zathura and Cowboys and Aliens.
But now, Disney is announcing that Favreau is going to be directing a live-action remake, that I just can't see working out: The Lion King.

I'll get my personal bias out of the way and say that The Lion King is not only my favorite animated Disney film of all time, but also my favorite overall movie of all time. However, this is not the reason for me putting the movie down so early.

Rather, its for two main reasons: the visual aesthetic and the…