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My thoughts on the new Dunkirk Trailer

(For my actual thoughts on the trailer itself, skip to the fourth paragraph):
Growing up, Christopher Nolan has, as a filmmaker, been a large presence in my life with films like Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and the Prestige. So much style, atmosphere, and cerebral elements that stuck in my mind after leaving the theater that its always fun to talk about them. I've always looked forward to a new film of his being released but the last two releases, The Dark Knight Rises (has a number of problems but has a lot of good stuff too) and especially Interstellar (was quite ambitious in scope but rather predictable, emotionally unsatisfying, and a bit depressing in storyline) left me a bit underwhelmed.
With the upcoming Dunkirk in 2017, however, its still a bit too early to tell, but judging by the new trailer, it feels like Nolan is going to be back in full force with this one. When the project was first announced, I was so used to Nolan's films being in the crime, science-fiction, fantasy, and surrealistic genres with non-linear storytelling that I was a bit narrow minded and confused as to how he was going to approach the project. Was this going to be like a surrealistic war movie? A sci-fi time travel sort of thing? How is this going to work? He's never done a film of this genre before.
But in actuality, his previous films prove that Nolan is perfect for doing a film like Dunkirk all along because despite the surrealism, non-linearism, and off the wall action and spectacles, all of his films have had a gritty realism to them that helped ground the more fantastic elements so that they're believable. Following, Memento, and Insomnia are pure crime stories with the most fantastic elements being the background and situations of the characters,, high detail is given to the period that The Prestige takes place in with all the magical elements being explained, and the more outlandish parts left mysterious and vague but in tune with the tone and is not altogether too outlandish, Inception balances realism with fantasy into two worlds but sets things up in a way that the two can be confused, and The Dark Knight movies are gritty crime stories with Batman having the use of realistic military equipment in his work (and the easy means of obtaining them because he's a billionaire) and the villains being the most outlandish elements either because of how they're dressed or their background but their intentions and beliefs are realistic and gritty in an insane way.
Getting to the actual trailer itself (sorry about that), I'm immediately excited because as a history enthusiast, I love learning about anything from the past that I had never knew before (especially the 19th and 20th centuries and World War 2) and as a period piece, Dunkirk looks great: old, gritty, darker colors or lack there of. It looks and feels like an old fashioned war film akin to something like Saving Private Ryan or Paths of Glory. What adds to that feeling even more and makes me very excited are all the great members of the cast Nolan has collected: Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, James D'Arcy, Cillian Murphy, and Mark Rylance. I know i'm going to have a fun time just based off that. The story itself sounds great too about hundreds of thousands of soldiers being trapped under constant enemy fire and the efforts to get them out (I haven't seen that many war films before but this kind of story mixed with the tone and actors involved always makes me want to see more of them) and I'm excited to see what Nolan does with it.
I really have no problems at all with this trailer. Really I have more of a problem with some of the reactions to the trailer on Youtube (a stupid thing to complain about because its the Internet, I know, but I just have to bring these up).
Some people have said that the trailer looks boring or it does nothing for them. The latter I can get because war films, like any genre, are not for everyone (I myself have only watched certain war films because of who was involved in production rather than the actual film itself, which I need to change) but for the people bored by the trailer: Um, watch more movies and or study history. Its a true story, it takes place during one of the greatest conflicts in all of human history, and just because it might be slower, doesn't mean it will be boring. Watch the movie and let it happen to you before you complain. Not everything has to be fast and quick cut.
The other complaint I noticed was about the casting of Harry Styles from the band One Direction in the film. While I have heard a lot of negative thoughts about the band and while I'm not really a fan of the post 2000s teen pop kind of bands/musicians that have appeared, I don't know that much about the band anyway and no one has seen this guy act so I think its a little early to complain about him. For the most part, Nolan really seems to know what he is doing and I trust his judgement. He's made controversial casting choices in the past (Heath Ledger as The Joker, anyone?) and look how those have turned out. (Really, the only time/s its felt like Nolan has miscast someone has been Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises and David Oyelowo in Interstellar (but those were badly written roles to begin with anyway, so its not really their or Nolan's (from a directing standpoint) fault.
Long story short (too late), I'm loving what I'm seeing from Dunkirk so far, I'm excited to see what the future trailers show and I'll definitely be at the theaters when the film opens next year. Let me know what you thought in the comments below:


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