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Hidden Figures

The Biopic genre is a fun and interesting one to watch because I'm getting to learn about a person, group, or piece of history that I didn't know about before. So many different stories, voices and viewpoints to hear from. Even better, it encourages me to find out more about them.

Despite certain changes for dramatic purposes, when done well, the strong stories and the amazing real life characters are still there to experience. As a result, there are so many great biopics to choose from: Apollo 13Remember the TitansLawrence of ArabiaRush, The King's Speech, etc.
Its safe to say that Hidden Figures, about several African American NASA employees and their crucial efforts that helped get John Glenn into orbit and eventually men on the moon, is a worthy addition to this list.
Starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae as mathematicians Katherine Johnson,  Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, the film covers their rise from members of the "West Area Com…

22 Years (Short Film)

Its no surprise the amount of emotional baggage divorce can bring a child: strained relationships, changed lifestyles, moments of self doubt and wondering who was to blame. In time, most are able to overcome these problems and go on to live full enriching lives as adults. But sometimes, these feelings are brought back to the surface.

This is the focus of 22 Years, a wonderful character based short film, directed by Fred Thomas Jr. and produced, conceived, and starring Dawn Noel as Avi Moreno, a young, independent woman on the rise, who is thrown for a loop when her estranged father, who she has not seen since her parents' divorce decades earlier, wants to meet.

Noel commands the screen, subtle and nuanced in her performance. Through simple facial expression and strong naturalistic dialogue, we are slowly drawn in and learn so much about her as we follow her along her journey of deciding whether or not she wants to have this meeting. In exploring Avi's life, we also see her relat…